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Black "Odds 'n' Ends" 90 COE Dichroic Mix - Two (2) Ounce Glass Assortment- These are SMALL pieces for detail work! Please read description!

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These two (2) ounce 90 coe black dichroic glass assortments have a mixture of both old and new. Some textures are no longer even made, and some of the colors were from special order sheets. Mainly CBS with some DichroMagic dichroic coatings.

These are smaller sized pieces! They are ideal for the glass artist who will take the time to use the small pieces into detailed work for glass fusing.

They're perfect for the glass fuser, jewelry designer or mosaic artist. The average size is 1/4" to 1/2". These 2 ounce assortments can have anywhere from 40-60+ pieces. If they were 3/4", you'd probably only get 20+ pieces. As stated, they are for detail work. I order in pounds of dichroic and spend time cutting them down so that every artist can see the beautiful nature of dichroic glasses.

Please look at the picture of the glass compared to the size of a dime.

These Odds 'n' Ends assortments are a great way to try a lot of different colors and textures. Dichroic glasses are a mix of both thin (2mm) and regular (3mm) thicknesses. As pictured, each assortment is different. Order more than one!

Pictures represent the amount of glass a 2 ounce assortment purchase contains. A LOT of Dichroic for a great price!


PLEASE NOTE: As I cut the dichroic glasses down I add them to a large ziploc bag. When you buy an assortment you are getting a mix of old and new dichroic glasses that is added to weekly. I do my best to not jostle them in any way but inevitably there will be some pieces that could have scratches on the coatings. With the assortments having so many pieces, I do NOT hand pick each individual piece, but instead grab a handful and create a two ounce assortment for you. This is why each assortment is different!