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Iridescent Iris Moonface Jewels for Stained Glass, Lampshades and Jewelry - Breathtakingly beautiful!

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In a wonderful collaboration with the world renowned German glass jewel company,  these iridescent iris moon face glass jewels were created in the early summer of 2019. They are absolutely gorgeous and exquisitely detailed to perfection.

These are not like the cast glass moon faces that you've probably seen in the past; where you would have to cut and trim off the edges. These lovely moon faces  measure 43mm (1.69") in diameter, and have a slight rim which makes them instantly usable without the need to do any cold working on the piece.  

Perfect to use in stained glass and leaded pieces, jewelry and more. The 'Iris' coating is an amazing iridescent array of rainbow colors in blue, violet, purple and more. It was named 'Iris' because of the beauty of a sunrise...

Available in Amethyst, Red, Cobalt Blue and Bronze Yellow.