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35mm Faceted Glass Jewels for Stained Glass and Lead - Fifteen (15) Colors Available!

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Whenever I make a stained glass piece if I can put a jewel in it, I do! Faceted glass jewels are always great to add that special 'zing' to projects. What I love about them is that when light is transmitted thru a jewel there are literally dozens of rays of light! It's the same principle as with bevels. Each facet of a jewel or a bevel becomes a possible point of light that creates a dazzling display of transmitted colors.

This listing is for the 35mm faceted flat back glass jewels from Germany. Long known for their exquisite beauty, they are perfect for stained glass and leaded windows, and are available in sixteen colors of Clear, Red, Selenium Pink, Gold Pink, Peach, Orange Hyacinth, Yellow, Cobalt Blue, Turquoise, Light Aquamarine, Amethyst, Emerald Green, Sea Green, Steel Blue and Amber.

Each purchase is for one glass jewel. Simply pick the color(s) you want and add them to the cart.