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Color Line for Glass and Ceramics - Paints from Switzerland for fusing in the kiln!

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Color Line Paints & Pens 2.2 oz (62 g) contain ready to use enamels for glass or ceramics in a fantastic range of intense colours. These high end paints from Switzerland are for painting, airbrushing, screen printing, ceramics and more! High pigmentation pastes are ideal for screen printing. They hold wall on glass and offer optional optimal results even with a 120 mesh screen. Recommended firing temperatures are 1300° F to 1510° F. All colours have extremely strong pigmentation, are lead-free and freely mixable to obtain further shades. They are homogenous and smooth in water based medium, environmentally friendly, and easy to use in exactly the required amount ensuring low wastage.

Each purchase is for (1) one color of your choice.

Note: As mentioned above, these are glass paints that are to be used in the kiln. If they are not fired in a kiln they will not be permanent.