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Vintage Exquisite (1) Ounce Machine Cut Glass Small Jewel Assortment (2mm- 14mm)

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Years ago, I had the pleasure of getting some jewels that make others pale in comparison. They were called machine cut, or 'table tin cut' jewels and they were dazzling with their crystal clarity and effect. You can see just how much sparkle they have in the pictures!

This listing is for a one (1) ounce assortment of vintage Swarovski machine cut jewels. As you can see, you get a LOT of jewels. These particular assortments average in size from 2mm - 14mm. (25mm = one inch). Absolutely breathtaking glass jewels!

Jewels pictured represent the amount of jewels one (1) ounce is. Each assortment is different as I am always adding new jewels to the pot. Each assortment averages 30 to 45 jewels depending on the sizes of the jewels.

These range in size from very small to small. Please keep in mind that 25mm equals one inch. These jewels are 2mm to 14mm.

Please note: These are real Swarovski glass jewels. As pictured, one side is pointed and the other has a faceted edge with a center flat back. They are not completely flat backed.

They’re wonderful to use in kaleidoscopes; especially because of their sparkle. I've also seen customers use them in their resin creations. They were originally created to be used in jewelry but the possibilities are endless!