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High Dome 36x15mm Round Faceted Glass Jewel - 7 Colors available!

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Whenever I make a stained glass piece, if I can put a jewel in it, I do! Faceted glass jewels are always great to add that special 'zing' to projects. What I love about them is that when light is transmitted through a jewel there are literally dozens of rays of light! It's the same principle as with bevels. Each facet of a jewel or a bevel becomes a possible point of light.

This listing is for the classic high dome faceted jewel 36mm in diameter and 15mm in height. Gorgeous jewels available in seven colors: Crystal, Red, Gold Pink, Amethyst,  Cobalt Blue, Emerald Green and Amber. Each purchase is for one glass jewel.

Note: These German jewels are cast jewels. They are not polished at the edge and generally will need a little cold working to smooth them out.