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Rare Vintage Orange Hyacinth and Siam Cherry Red Double Faceted Round Glass Jewel Assortment

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This listing is for an assortment of rare, vintage double faceted jewels in reds and oranges that I've had stashed away for over twenty years.

Double faceted means not only are they thicker than regular faceted glass jewels, but they are also faceted on both sides, with the bottom of the jewels having a center flat back. Gorgeous colors in hyacinth orange and Siam cherry red and in a variety of sizes.

Assortment contains 14 jewels:

20mm Hyacinth Orange Round (4)
20mm Cherry Red Round (3)
25x18mm Hyacinth Orange Pear Teardrop (4)
25x18mm Orange Red Octagon (2)
25x18mm Hyacinth Orange Oval (1)

They're quite old... and hard to find. Perfect to use in your stained glass and leaded projects!

Note: Most of the jewels are in very good condition. A few have 'flea bites' at an edge which should not affect using them in your art.