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Stained Glass Suction Cups (10) with Metal Hook for hanging suncatchers

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Suction cups are definitely NOT created equal! Thru the years I have broken a lot of stained glass suncatchers because of the failure of suction cups. So, when I find a suction cup I like, I stay with it and don't look any further...

These suction cups are 1 5/8" with the metal hook. Each purchase is for 10 suction cups.


A lot of people won't trust suction cups...including my own Mom. Her house is filled with my stained glass in every window, along with fishing line everywhere. :) But, I have learned some basic rules of thumb to help. I tell the customer, you're going to lick it, and stick it to the glass. Next, push in the center to remove all of the air. Now, as time passes, air slowly begins to leak into the center of the suction cup and inevitably the suction will fail and the piece will drop to the floor. To keep this from happening, every few weeks or so, I'll walk around and push in the centers of the suction cups and 'pop' the air out. If you do this, they'll just about last forever!

Another bit of advice: You can use suction cups to hold larger panels too. You just need to use more of them. I've learned that they never fail at the same time. You will always get advanced warning when you see your piece hanging in the window crooked!