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Bullseye 90 COE Confetti Glass Chips for Fusing - 23 different varieties!

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This listing is for one ounce of 90 COE confetti glass chips. Confetti is great to add as a topper to work before firing. One ounce of confetti is a LOT of confetti chips!

As pictured, these are in a range of sizes that include small pieces in difference thicknesses too, so that you end up with different shades of color.

Note: I handpick each assortment and try to put in a mix of all sizes to give a nice variety. I also ship the confetti glass chips in a box to further protect the pieces. 

Each purchase is for a one ounce color mix of Bullseye glass chips.

The Bullseye confetti glass chips ARE thin shards of confetti glass! They are to be used in glass fusing projects; and are not meant to be cut. You can place them on top of fusible glasses or in between layers and then fire them.
Colors available:

Pink Opal
Gold Pink Cathedral
Marine Blue
Cobalt Blue
Leaf Green
Light Aventurine Green
Aventurine Green
Red Orange
French Vanilla

Unique color mixes:

Spring Mix
Jungle Greens
Autumn Fall Mix
Sweetheart Mix
Red, White and Blue Mix
Christmas Holiday Mix