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Bullseye 1mm 90 COE Glass Stringers for Glass Fusing and Torchwork - 23 Colors available!

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This listing is for the Bullseye 1mm 90 COE glass stringers for use in glass fusing and torchwork. The stringers come in a wide variety of colors in opal, transparent and translucent. They're wonderful for adding detail to your art!

The Bullseye glass stringers are approximately 17 1/2" long and are pre-packaged in an 18" tube.

Colors currently available:

Mixed Assorted Opalescent
White Opalescent
Black Opalescent
Woodland Brown Opalescent
French Vanilla Opalescent
Red Opalescent
Deep Cobalt Blue Opalescent
Cobalt Blue Opalescent
Midnight Blue Translucent
Egyptian Blue Opalescent
Steel Blue Opalescent
Light Cyan Opalescent
Turquoise Blue Opalescent
Mint Green Opalescent
Teal Green Opalescent
Jade Green Opalescent
Light Aventurine Green Transparent
Neo-Lavender Opalescent
Gold Purple Opalescent
Petal Pink Opalescent
Pink Opalescent
Pumpkin Orange Opalescent
Orange Opalescent