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Glassline Fusing Glass Paints 'Metallic Gold, Metallic Copper and Black' Set

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Glassline fusing paints are a terrific way to experiment with painting and fusing. Simple in design, easy-to-use Glassline paints are a lining and shading fusing product for glass. Glassline may be applied in between multiple layers of glass or on the surface for a complex dimensional look. To further explore your creative edge, spray Glassline to achieve subtle shading variations.

Compatible with most types of glass, from float to 90 and 96 coe. Best fired to 1500 degrees, but may be fired lower or higher. A huge array of 41 vibrant colors available in convenient 2 ounce applicator bottles. Lead free and food safe. Colors are opaque. May be spray painted by mixing with water to suit.

This listing is for a set of three Glassline Paints in metallic gold, metallic copper and black. Wonderful metallic colors, and with the added black paint, it allows you to also outline and shade. Added savings by buying in a set too.

Note: As mentioned above, these are glass paints that are to be used in the kiln. As they are water based, if they are not fired in a kiln they will not be permanent.