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Original Spectrum 6x6 Glasses for Stained Glass and Mosaics (Six pcs) - Free US Shipping!

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I'm finally starting to cut down sheets of glass from when I had my stained glass brick and mortar store. Lots of wonderful glasses coming soon!

This listing is for a set of six (6) pieces of the original Spectrum glasses. Each set includes one of each color:

S357-1 Red w/ White translucent
S379-1 Orange w/ White wispy
S622-7 Forest Green w/White translucent
S395-1 White Opal w/Pink
S833-51 White Opal w/Sky Blue
S367-1 Yellow w/White translucent

Anyone who used or remembers the Spectrum glasses will want these pieces!

I've made up four sets with the pieces being approximately 6" x 6". (My husband cut them for me. As he is new to cutting glass, and just helping me out, they're not perfectly square. Some pieces might be 6 1/8", others might be 5 7/8").

Also, the pictures show a representation of the colors of glasses you will receive. Each piece is different, as there are variances on all opal, wispy and translucent glasses.

These beautiful glasses have been packaged in between 1/2" foam and then tightly wrapped for shipment. Shipping weight is 3 pounds. 

Free US shipping! 😊

Note: May ship separately from other items you may order as they are already packaged and ready to ship.