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Stained Glass Butterfly Bevel Cluster - 19 pcs - Beautiful alone, or worked into a panel!

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Whenever I make a stained glass piece if I can put a jewel or a bevel in it, I do! Faceted glass jewels and bevels are always great to add that special 'zing' to projects. What I love about them is that when light is transmitted thru the polished facets there are multiples of rays of light! Each facet of a jewel or a bevel becomes a possible point of light that creates a dazzling display of colors.

This listing is for a beautiful stained glass butterfly bevel cluster. Make it by itself as a detailed faceted crystal clear sun catcher with rainbow prisms, or incorporate it with art glasses into a panel or window. Measures approximately 7 1/2" x 5 3/4". 


Tip: As with all bevels; adjust as necessary with the included pattern.