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Twelve 1x1 Black and Clear 90 COE Dichroic Sampler Mix Glass Assortment (Lot J)

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This listing is for a beautiful sampler mix of 12 black and clear CBS 90 COE dichroic glasses in 1" x 1" pieces.

These assortments are a great way to try a lot of different colors and textures. Dichroic glasses are a mix of both thin (2mm) and regular (3mm) thickness.

Glasses pictured are the glasses you will receive.

Figure C - Green Magenta
Cube - Green Magenta
Florentine - Cyan Copper
Stream X - Cyan Copper
Florentine - Cyan Copper
Bullseye Granite - Cyan Copper
Florentine - Pink Teal
Bullseye Ripple - Green Magenta Blue (GMB) Fusion
Dew Drop - Cyan Copper
Thin Hammered - Pink Teal
Dew Drop - Green Magenta
Figure C - Emerald


Coatings by Sandberg uses this system to name its glass:
First name - Transmitted Color
Second name - Reflected Color. Color shifts when fired.